JW Anderson & Associates, LTD

Author, Artist & Consultant

JW Anderson & Associates, Ltd., was launched by John W. Anderson in 2012 intended to honor those people who have shaped our past and inspire those people who will shape our future.  John Anderson is an author, artist and consultant. He retired from Lockheed Martin in 2012 to launch a small consulting business allowing him the freedom to pursue his love of history, writing and the arts. Prior to working ten years in the corporate world, John served two-terms as the elected Sheriff for El Paso County, Colorado (term-limited in 2003). He completed an MBA while working as a police officer with the Colorado Springs Police Department and retired at the rank of Sergeant in 1995. Although John has travelled around the world, including several adventures on a catamaran sailing the Caribbean, three corporate security assignments into a combat zone on the Horn of Africa and landing on an aircraft carrier at sea in the Pacific Ocean, he is most fascinated by the rich history and art he has discovered in his own back yard in the American Southwest.




John Anderson is a Colorado historian, popular speaker and author of several articles and books.


His most recent book, Ute Indian Prayer Trees of the Pikes Peak Region, was published in collaboration with the Old Colorado City Historical Society (OCCHS).


John Anderson is an artist and is currently represented by the Southwinds Fine Art Gallery.


While interested in the art, culture and history of the American Southwest, his main themes include: Landscapes, Seascapes, Spacescapes and Escapes.


Anderson & Associates offer clients a unique set of skills including Culturally Modified Tree Site Assessments.


Skills acquired during a thirty year law enforcement career, followed by ten years corporate experience with a Fortune 500 Company.


Ute Indian Prayer Trees

At the heart of the Shining Mountains stands a mountain the ancient Ute knew as Tava, the Ute word for Sun. It was the most sacred of all places to the Ute because the sun, which gives forth life from the Creator, always rose there first. The Ute believed that at the beginning of time, the Creator made the Shining Mountains; then, He created the animals, and when He was finished He created The Nuche, The People.

Cost:  $39.99 per book 

**This book can be purchased directly from the Old Colorado City Historical Society.