Ute Indian Prayer Trees, of the Pikes Peak Region

At the heart of the Shining Mountains stands a mountain the ancient Ute knew as Tava, the Ute word for Sun. It was the most sacred of all places to the Ute because the sun, which gives forth life from the Creator, always rose there first. The Ute believed that at the beginning of time, the Creator made the Shining Mountains; then, He created the animals, and when He was finished He created The Nuche, The People. The Ute believed the Shining Mountains were created by the Creator to sustain, not just them, but all The People. To the Ute people, life began in the Shining Mountains.

**This book can be purchased directly from the Old Colorado City Historical Society.

Save the Eagles Program

Because of their remoteness, many Native American Reservations are particularly well suited to develop their wind resources. However, current wind turbine technology, in particular, “propeller wind turbines”, pose a significant risk to eagles and migratory bird on these lands. The eagle has traditionally been viewed by many Native Americans tribes as “sacred”.

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Ute Indian Prayer Trees at Fox Run Regional Park in Colorado Springs, CO

The finest variety and densest concentration of Ute Indian Prayer Trees in the Pikes Peak Region to date, have been located in the Fox Run Regional Park located in the Black Forest of El Paso County, CO.  This YouTube video by Rod Smith, based on the book by John Anderson, offers a wonderful introduction to these Culturally Modified Trees (CMT) that truly are living Native American artifacts estimated to be hundreds of years old.

Ute Indian Prayer Trees at Monument Preserve

Welcome to the mysterious and deeply spiritual world of Ute Indian Prayer Trees. Learn the story of the Ute Prayer trees and the details of which have been lost to time.   Our story begins at the Ute Prayer Trees at Monument Preserve, located on the western side of Monument, CO.

Colorado Experience: The Sheriff

Rankin Scott Kelly fled New England in anticipation of prosecution for murder. This early brush with crime served as a catalyst for Kelly’s dedication to the law, becoming El Paso County’s first sheriff.

Fox Run Prayer Tree Tour

El Paso County Fox Run Regional County Park hosts many wonderful Ute Indian Prayer Trees. Watch and learn from your host, John Wesley Anderson as he takes you on a tour to see some of these magnificent historical wonders.